"Green" Plastic Toys





Introduction: "Green" Plastic Toys

Today's plastics require oil to make but with the recent surge in oil prices and the negative externalities that result from burning oil, make making plastics a costly action to the wallet and environment. Using all-natural materials that can be found in most homes, milk and vinegar, one can make their own mold-able plastic to fit any needs including making toys.

Fun fact: During World War II, the American army used the same plastic to make windows for their bombers.

Step 1: Get Materials

Get some stuff:

milk, vinegar, a strainer, a heat-safe container, a mold and food coloring

Step 2: Prepare the Milk

Pour milk into a container and add some food coloring for some fun.

[edit] Forgot to say:
Heat up the milk but not hot enough for it to boil. I just put it in the microwave for about 2 minutes but you can do anything in terms of heating it up

Step 3: Make the Plastic

Add the vinegar to the milk and stir it to get the most out of the reaction. I used a fork to stir it.

Step 4: Strain It

Strain the solution to separate plastic from the remaining water, vinegar and milk

Step 5: Pat It Dry

Put the plastic onto a paper towel and pat it dry with some more towels to get rid off some more of excess water

Step 6: Get Mold

A mold :)

Step 7: Place Into Mold

Put the plastic into the mold and let dry by itself for a couple days, or you could use something to help it dry like a hairdryer etc.



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doesnt that just make green cottage cheese? i have made cottage cheese by heating milk and adding vinegar...

No mention of the measurement of each ingredient. What is the percentage of milk and vinegar in the solution? What is the lifespan of the plastic before it degrades?

Nice tutorials and thanks for sharing, According to above tutorials its' very easy to create and plastic toy.. but Question is plastic is manufacturing from polymer Does it's produce harmful effect to small baby or not...
"plastic soldiers"

does it rot or start to stink with the time ?

Oh cool, I didn't know you could make glue out of it.

Milk has also been used for centuries to create paint for both paintings and for housepainting:
Milk paint

This is a dried, unripened, cheese. Nothing is really polymerized... is it.


Is cheese a polymer?

*scraches head and walks away*

Proteins are polymers (the monomers are amino acids) so, yes.