Today's plastics require oil to make but with the recent surge in oil prices and the negative externalities that result from burning oil, make making plastics a costly action to the wallet and environment. Using all-natural materials that can be found in most homes, milk and vinegar, one can make their own mold-able plastic to fit any needs including making toys.

Fun fact: During World War II, the American army used the same plastic to make windows for their bombers.
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Step 1: Get materials

Picture of Get materials
Get some stuff:

milk, vinegar, a strainer, a heat-safe container, a mold and food coloring

Step 2: Prepare the milk

Picture of Prepare the milk
Pour milk into a container and add some food coloring for some fun.

[edit] Forgot to say:
Heat up the milk but not hot enough for it to boil. I just put it in the microwave for about 2 minutes but you can do anything in terms of heating it up

Step 3: Make the plastic

Picture of Make the plastic
Add the vinegar to the milk and stir it to get the most out of the reaction. I used a fork to stir it.

Step 4: Strain it

Picture of Strain it
Strain the solution to separate plastic from the remaining water, vinegar and milk

Step 5: Pat it dry

Picture of Pat it dry
Put the plastic onto a paper towel and pat it dry with some more towels to get rid off some more of excess water

Step 6: Get mold

Picture of Get mold
A mold :)

Step 7: Place into mold

Picture of Place into mold
Put the plastic into the mold and let dry by itself for a couple days, or you could use something to help it dry like a hairdryer etc.