My primary motivation for building this is to create a shaded space for my dogs to rest when out in the yard with the added benefit of providing real estate for an additional herb/bee/butterfly garden. My dogs are spoiled rotten and sleep in bed with my wife and I, this is a spot for them to rest when playing in the yard, it is not designed for a dog to live in. I had no plans and simply designed as I went, so follow along and ask any questions as needed.

Step 1: What You'll Need

2x6 inch ACQ pressure treated lumber
1 inch PT CDX plywood half sheet
2 lbs 3 inch deck screws
2 lbs 2 inch deck screws
Construction adhesive
Pocket hole jig (optional)
Framing square
Drill & bits
Table saw
Hole saw
Staple gun
Assorted woodworking paraphernalia (clamps, cords, etc)

Most of this stuff I had laying around, the wood came from disassembled garden boxes from our previous residence, so I can not give an accurate board footage used. Fasteners should be chosen for compatibility with PT lumber.
<p>Our German Shepherd would LOVE this...</p>
<p>That looks like one happy dog!</p>
Positively LOVE this idea!! We have 5 whippets so I'd either have to make a couple of rather long ones, one huge one, or 3 mediums. Just wanted to comment on your plant selections you may or may not be aware of. Please do not take this as any criticism....all would be beautiful choices. The bronze fennel can become a pest if allowed to seed out. I planted a bronze fennel 3 years ago totally unaware it would come back. Well, it did and grew to 7 feet tall. It also is one of the major food sources for the eastern black swallowtail caterpillar. We ended up raising quite a number of caterpillars from eggs to full grown butterflies. They were gorgeous and my husband not being raised in the country, had never seen the entire process so it was fun for me to introduce him to this miracle of nature. They also love parsley. Just thought I'd warn you before all your baby plants are decimated overnight and I'm not exaggerating. I allowed them to eat the bronze fennel all they wanted and would move them off my parsley. One suggestion you might check into are sedums AKA &quot;ice plants&quot;. There are literally 1000's of different sedums ranging from ground covers 2&quot; tall to big plants (4+ft tall) w/ huge flat flowerheads that are quite beautiful, attract hummers and butterflies but would be too large for the roof but I have probably 2 dozen varieties of the smaller ones, some are trailing, creeping, all bloom, range in color from bright greens to dark burgundies w/ pink, yellow, red, orange, flowers. Never seen a true blue but I bet there is one. I'd be happy to share w/ you if it's possible. You may contact me at paolosmom101@gmail.com. They consume tiny amounts of water. I made a leaky birdbath into a sedum garden, and also have a strawberry pot w/ a different variety in each niche. Some have grown down to the ground and are now spreading. I'm letting them. They are beautiful, practically carefree, and all so different. Oh...you might know them as &quot;Hens and Chicks&quot;. In the South, just about everyone's Grandma had a big pot of them! I'm definitely gonna try your beautiful idea. I just hope the whippets don't decide standing on the roof is the idea in which case, I might just plant sod up there for them to lay on. LOL! Jen
I built one of these a couple of days ago using this instructable see my instructable dog house for claustophobic dogs thanks for all the ideas <br>
i built somthing simalur to this a year ago exept mine was round and about 5 feet wide it provides good shade and is cool in the summer time.im working on adding som paneling to part ill cut it in strips.and then space them.to let the breeze thrugh but help block the sun
try planting catnip up there so Sandy can have have some friends to chase around!!
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! MY DOG LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of dog is that? My family and i adopted him as a shelter puppy. We think he is A boxer/collie mix, but maybe you know?
Very cool, it's got a nice design to it that compliments your yard, and it looks great as a dog veranda.
thats pretty cool, nice job
Would love to see you add this to my new group.<br/>Hope to see you there.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/group/fixit/">Home Repair, Refurbishment, and New Projects</a><br/>
A good idea, clear instructions. I would suggest that you add some type of water proofing membrane to the plywood base and sides of the plant area's, otherwise it will rot out in a year or so and you get to rebuild it again. try rolled, or a black jack type found at any hardware store.
wow you are as bad as me! we built a seperate ramp off our deck for the dog so she dosnt hurt herself running up/down steps
As my dear dead granny used to say; &quot;<em>You're a soft 'apeth</em>&quot;<br/>
wot's that in American?
Er...&quot;you silly little thing&quot;?<br/><br/><strong>apeth<em> is the local pronunciation of &quot;half penny's worth&quot; = a small amount.</em></strong><br/><br/>Soft can mean soft-hearted or soft in the head, depending on context.<br/>
ahh, i'll take it as a compliment then. ;-)
Oops, got my apostrophes mixed up.
looks very nice. +cute dog. Thanks for sharing.
lol nice
good idea nice job the instructions are so clear thanks.

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