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So this look is perfect for every occasion but I would love this for just an everyday look and will go with any colour eyes. Let me know if you would wear this.

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So first taking your concealer or even a eye primer apply this to the lids of your eye and then blend this out. You will then also need to set this into place by using a translucent powder or skin toned eye shadow. This will help your eye makeup last all day and prevent transfer.

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Then using these 2 brown shades. I used the naked palette you are going to want to apply this to the crease of your eye. The reason for using a lighter and darker shade is to game the look a softer look and will also look more blended.

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Then with a green shadow apply this all over the lid and into the crease. To make the green pop more add a green pigment to the eye. You then need to go in with a fluffy brush to blend the green into the brown.

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Then to open up the eyes take a light cream shadow and apply this to the inner corner of your eye.

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Then you are going to want to apply a wing to your apply your mascara and lashes.

Step 6:

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Now onto the face you are going to want to highlight your face. So take your concealer and apply this to your under eyes, chin, nose and forehead and then blend out with a damp beauty blender. Then taking a setting powder apply this wherever you applied concealer so it doesn't crease.

Step 7:

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Then using a bronzing or contour powder apply this to your cheeks, jawline, hairline and nose. This is going to add colour and shape to your face.

Step 8:

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Then with the brown shade you applied on your eyes apply this to the lower lash line too and also add mascara to the lower lashes.

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Then using a brown liquid lip and also a coral shade apply this to your lips. So with the brown outline your lips and the coral goes on the centre. Then blend this out into each other.

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Finally with a highlighter apply this to the highest points of my cheeks and nose to give your face a natural glow.


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