Picture of Green Snail Pellets
Repelling snails is an on going struggle.   Of course there are snail pellets out there but if you're trying to grow a vegetable garden the warning label on the side of some plant food say "Do not use with Snail pellets"  I found a solution with my Aloe Vera Snail repellent spray but now i have a way where you can kill and repel snails WHILE fertilizing your plant somewhat.   With Green Snail Pellets!!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need

One large Aloe Vera spear

A plastic spoon


Paper strips

A paper bowl , dish ,or plate

Bent Pin or plastic knife

Optinal: Hair Dryer

ratgirl131 year ago
Too cool. I have made the origami stars before, but whoda thunk to soak them in aloe juice to repel snails. I will be making some of these for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the ible!
ayc2005 years ago
How often should these pellets be redistributed?
yofortune (author)  ayc2004 years ago
about every 2 weeks.
yofortune (author) 5 years ago
Check out my OTHER instructable from last year's garden contest!  Aloe Vera REALLY WORKS!  :D