Picture of Green Snail Pellets
Repelling snails is an on going struggle.   Of course there are snail pellets out there but if you're trying to grow a vegetable garden the warning label on the side of some plant food say "Do not use with Snail pellets"  I found a solution with my Aloe Vera Snail repellent spray but now i have a way where you can kill and repel snails WHILE fertilizing your plant somewhat.   With Green Snail Pellets!!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need

One large Aloe Vera spear

A plastic spoon


Paper strips

A paper bowl , dish ,or plate

Bent Pin or plastic knife

Optinal: Hair Dryer

Step 2: Cutting the Aloe

Picture of Cutting the Aloe
You want to make a "T" Shaped cut down the middle of your Aloe Vera.  Push the pin only through the skin and tear it down the center.  Peel the sides back.

Step 3: Use the spoon

Picture of Use the spoon
grab your spoon and scoop out the Aloe meat.   Discard the skin of the Spear.

Step 4: Water it down.

Picture of Water it down.
Add water to you receptical (bowl, plate etc...) and stir your Aloe meat in it.

Step 5: Add your strips

Picture of Add your strips
The Aloe meat sould still be visible in the water.  Spread your aloe across the dish, bowl or plate.  Gently place one strip of you paper into the slime trail that the aloe made.  Use your spoon to cover the strip with the meat and water.  This will fuse the paper with the aloe.  Leave the strip out to dry or use your hair dryer on medium.

Step 6: Folding.

Picture of Folding.
After drying you want to start folding your strips into pellets.  These will be star shaped.  Make a Knot in the strip like in the picture.

Step 7: Folding (2)

Picture of Folding (2)
Next you should have a pentagon with two strips sticking out.  Fold the smallest one up against the pentagon.  Next fold the largest one around the pentagon until it goes away.  Tuck it into one of the folds.

Step 8: Almost done....

Picture of Almost done....
You should have a pentagon again except with no extra sticking out from the sides.

Step 9: Final Step in making the pellet

Picture of Final Step in making the pellet
For the last step.  Push the sides of the Pentagon in.  This will take some practice but it CAN be done. 
ratgirl131 year ago
Too cool. I have made the origami stars before, but whoda thunk to soak them in aloe juice to repel snails. I will be making some of these for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the ible!
ayc2005 years ago
How often should these pellets be redistributed?
yofortune (author)  ayc2004 years ago
about every 2 weeks.
yofortune (author) 5 years ago
Check out my OTHER instructable from last year's garden contest!  Aloe Vera REALLY WORKS!  :D