Picture of Green Storage Bin for Your Camper Shell
If you've got a camper shell for your truck, you probably noticed that the area atop the wheel wells are under-utilized. Since I had leftover materials from some of my Ikea furniture (30" bed slats), and random wood planks I didn't want to throw in the fire place, I decided to re-use them to make a shelf with storage underneath. I consider this my dedicated B.O.V. makeshift pantry.

This is how I did it...

A caveat: actual measurements are lacking because many trucks come in many different sizes... and to be honest, I actually did a lot of eyeballing for this one; ahaHAH! :D
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
13, 8:40 PM.jpg
-Bed slats
-Siding materials
-Drywall screws

-Phillips head driver or bit

My side panels are 14" tall, and 8" deep (to reach just the inside edge of my wheel well). I used a jigsaw to remove the cutouts on the bottom back edge of the shelf. This was done to compensate for the wheel well protruding beyond 30" (which is the measure of my bed slats).

Step 2: Measure The Storage Area

Picture of Measure The Storage Area
13, 8:40 PM.jpg
13, 8:40 PM.jpg
The bottom of the bin will sit on the wheel well, so I marked it's height onto the inside panels of the shelf.
Next I started tracing the size of my slats into the area they would end up. I did this for both side-panels.
Then, I drilled where I want the screws to be.
I screwed one of the slats in place to make sure the box was straight enough. I continued this process with the other slats; making sure they were straight.
For the back of the bin, I used just one slat and made the top edge sit plumb with where the top would sit. The inside bottom will be left open, to let whatever is inside breathe, and so if dust and particles build up over time, I can just brush it out (I'd rather not let things like random tools and such collect).
neaton16 months ago

This looks like something I could do with my E250 High top van... Nice!