Green Hemp Twill Underbust Corset





Introduction: Green Hemp Twill Underbust Corset

I originally made an underbust corset similar to this for my wife's San Diego Comic Con costume last year (she was a nature mage). It's synthetic leather and green hemp twill. I loved working with this hemp twill, as it is both durable and has an atheistically pleasing grain.



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    Please make an instructable for this, I'd love to try it for myself!

    I would LOVE to see an instructable for this one! It's beautiful!

    This is amazing work and looks great on you too. :) I want one, but too old for it.

    Silly girl! Nobody is too old for a corset!

    No such thing as too old for a corset! Seriously... if you like it, go for it! Life's too short to worry about stuff like that!

    this is really cool...this would look great for a lot of themes....

    WOW. This is spectacular!! I love the colors, I love the details... this is just stunning!

    how did you do the sides? I lke that look! Please show how! I would like to learn how to make one!

    I sewed D-ring tape from into the seam.

    I like this but I liked the other one much better. I thought it was prettier.