Green Powerless Telephone





Introduction: Green Powerless Telephone

Hi all !

This is my first project on instructables .
I would like to show you how to make a working electrical telephone that does not need any power to function .
I hope that you can read and understand the schematic diagram . I am sorry , but it was already built so i could not make step by step .
This device is simple to build , so anyone can make one . Sure , this device does not ring like conventional telephone , but with some modification , you could add some ring and a dynamo to power the ring while calling , but that is up to you . Earpieces used in this project are high impedance . I did not measure them , but i think that they are around 600 Ohm from used telephone .
Note that when speaking the sound is not very loud , so i think that loud people will not have problems using it :)
I suggest using it in a quiet environment .
Well , i dont see any practical use for this device so you will have to figure out where and how to use it .
But kids like it .



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    you should do the same with two radios and two transmitters! wireless!

    Thanks, the best Instructable so far, if you could have boost the sound with a transistor and a battery that also would be great

    Hook a small hand crank generator to each handset and run them through a switch board you could be your own phone company! BUT WAIT! THERES MORE!

    FREE LONG DISTANCE CALLS dam if only i had a 100KM cable

    Nice build. instructions are a must- i would like to point out tho, that all corded telephones dont need power, u make it sound like its something knew u came up with.

    what i mean is you can connect two normal telephones to get the same effect - i remeber my cousen doing it, using a little adapter.

    Respectfully; that's highly unlikely, unless the "adapter" contained a battery. Phones ment to be used with the standard telco system modulate a DC current. Voice powered phones create the current. The standard phone microphone element can't produce a current. Voice powered phone use a dynamic microphone that can produce a small current.

    "This device is simple to build , so anyone can make one" Instruction on how to actually build this would help those that dont know how to.

    I'm in the US Navy, and we use these all the time. If the ship loses power we still have damage control communications. They are called, simply enough 'sound powered phones'.