An easy to do, light dessert, perfect for fans of green tea, jello, or fans of jiggly things!
Also useful if you've got some left over green tea that you just can't bear to throw out!

Step 1: Make a Cup of Strong Green Tea.

Pretty self explanatory. Take a cup of boiling water, add sugar to taste (I suggest stronger than normal, since you'll be diluting it later). Then, throw in a tea bag!
Make it in a bowl, or some other large, easily manipulated container.
<p>it isn't obvious why there is a hot chili pepper next to tea bag? </p>
chili pepper or no chili pepper?
This would be a great way to consume <a href="http://www.theonlyfastestwaytoloseweight.org/matcha-green-tea/" rel="nofollow">Matcha Green Tea</a> Thank you for the idea and I think its great one.<br />
*SQUEAL!* Why didn't I think of this myself! The Hubbyman will love it!<br/>
I'm a fan of Jell-o, green tea, <em>and</em> jiggly things! I must make these at once!<br/>
Do they sell these in stores or do you have to order them?
you can find these at most grocery stores. check near the jello/pudding mixes, or near the cake mixes or lastly, the spices (these three are usually close together in most stores...) last resort- ask someone! but yah, you can get these just about anywhere.
Awesome! I'll have to try this!

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