Introduction: Greengenerator

A power generator capable of lighting a led through the wind (wind) with User coller one, and make a motor run through a photovoltaic plate (solar energy).

Step 1: Materials

1- Coller
2- Fotovoltaic plate
3- Led
4-Engine eletrical
5-Adhesive tape

Step 2: Operation

-Connect the LED and coller with opposite poles
-Connecting the photovoltaic plate and the engine with normal poles

Step 3: Thank You, Leave Your Comments and Notes on This Project.

Thanks .

Recalling that so we used recycled intens



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OK I get this now..... Sola = SOLAR Coller = COOLER = Fan engine = MOTOR

Fotovoltaic = SOLAR CELL = Photovoltaic plate/cell.

However this will not produce much in the way of power to run the items, unfortunately.

Hey ,

Sorry you must have misunderstood, the cooler will light the LED only, and the photo voltaic plate make the engine run.

I can post a video of the operation soon if desired

Thanks :)

very cool about how much electricity does it put out ?

Approximately solar panel generates 0.5 volts and the cooler on average 3 to 4 volts

Thanks :)

thank you for the info and great job :D

steps please

Should sticking solar board on top coller in the location and position prefer the right side of the engine and put the engine opposite to the LED already connected to the coller, ready now only passing tape to cover the cables and to better appearance and fixation. thanks

Thanks :)