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There is probably no better place to build and test a Climate Change Complaint Greenhouse than Northern Nevada. That's because Climate Change arrived here long ago. Since the 1950's the average rainfall has decreased by half and many large lakes have dried up.

The Carson River still flows, which is the only constant in this design. Water is still available, if not it's goodbye human race.

Just added springtime configuration of the south side  windows. Its warm and cozy with the outside vents, and tomatoes and strawberries hang in the springtime sun.

It looks like hanging gardening might be the only way to grow food and not share it with the gophers. 


GeorgeP70 (author)2016-03-04

The climate has been changing for centuries and continues to change.It is not man made as the govt would have you believe.

ortsa (author)2013-01-26

Wow, you must have it bad

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