I came up with this idea the moment I read green in the epilog contest page since I thought, what could be greener than a plant in a jar?
Basicly you simply modify a used plastic peanut butter jar to hold a plant of your choice.

The green aspect?
1. You have a plant and you are keeping it alive, thats what green is all about right?
2. You are reusing a plastic bottle so if 1 isn't green enough for you this should be.

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Now lets get on to the building

Step 1: What You Need.

For every great project you will need different materials so here is what you will need for this project.

1. A jar of peanut butter
2. You will get here after you and some friends or family decides to eat all
3. You need some soil for the plant
4. Obviously you need the plant itself (i chose what i think is a jade)
5. Some rocks
6. Either a nail or a drill
Awesome Idea! Verymuch like a boidome. But easier to maintain. 5*
Hi was just wondering if you put holes at the bottom and top, or just top? and why did u put holes at the top?<br />
you could put holes in the top but i only put them in the sides and bottom. The holes that go in the sides or top would be used to give your plant some air.<br />
if you kept the jar completley air tight would the plant still stayalive because the water in the jar wont vapourize and&nbsp;theplant&nbsp;will re use the gases&nbsp; in the jar ?
i love plants so i'm gona give it a try. thanks for the idea:).
no problem :)
very cool im going to do this becase i have a empty salsa jar ps nice ible
I'm so glad someone did this. I would add a step though - on top of the pebbles, gravel, whatever, put a layer of activated charcoal, then the soil. Activated charcoal acts as a filter for the water, and you can get it inexpensive at pet stores, walmart, etc (it's used for fish tanks).
Oh cool
Nicely done 'ible.
you could put a lady bug or something in there to complete the co2 cycle. I had one named hercules
Ehhh... A ladybug requires food. The food is not the plant. It is aphids. Aphids are unlikely to be found in a closed system such as this. You could try something along the line of crickets.
i fed my ladybug a raisin that i kept mosit. I had it for a while beofre i released it and it never died.
SWEET BROTHER, THIS IS SICK!!!!<br/><br/><sub>A compliment.</sub><br/>
Koowaaaaaaal lol.
That i$ a nice ible.

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