I had some old windows lying around and we we desperately in need of  a winter greenhouse to grow our veges. I figuured that I could create a simple frame and basically drop the windows in place and voila, we would have a greenhouse.... here is the result.
Very nice, I like the design, especially the custom trim and interior work stations. I am at that point in mine now, making shelves and workstation. Any leaks? mine does and have been chasing them down. Have fun, Try hydroponic growing systems
Love it - looks great! Just had a few questions if you've time: <br>Did you use treated timber for some or all of it? <br>How did you seal between the eaves and tops of the walls (if you did)? <br>Many thanks - I really want to have a go at this. I'd be chuffed if it looked half as good as yours. <br>Duncan
I have plenty of <a href="http://www.goldenwindows.com/about.php" rel="nofollow">windows</a> myself. How about you come on over and build me a greenhouse! haha
I love the greenhouse along with the great <a href="http://www.kempenfeltwindows.com/?page_id=84" rel="nofollow">windows Newmarket</a> idea! I love having a garden and hate that when winter comes along I can't really have one then have to spend a lot on vegetables in the winter. I have always wanted a greenhouse and a cute one. I have seen the huge commercial ones that my dad even owns but I don't like them and it wouldn't even fit on my land. I am excited to look into getting one of these for me. It would even be a great project to start from scratch. So happy I came across this, thanks for sharing! Wish me luck!
This is so cool! Do any of you <a href="http://service1stwindows.com" rel="nofollow">need help</a> washing any of those windows?
That is great. I've been wanting to do something like this.

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