Greeting Cards



Introduction: Greeting Cards

I had lots of old selective Wedding and other Invitation cards.
Made some Greeting cards from these

1) The invitation card unfolded and bent on other side,
     so the inner part of the card became outside part and
     outer becomes inner.
     So the printed matter went inside and plain side exposed outside

2) One sided self sticking colored paper taken and cut in to size of
    2.5 cm square size, and glued on the card at different locations
    like kites shape

3) Gift wrapping color ribbons cut parallel in to small tiny strips and glued
    at the bottom corner

4) Plain white paper is glued inside, so that original matter on card gets
    covered with new plain white paper, Where you can write New matter

It is the fastest and cheapest Cards made at home, I enjoyed , You will enjoy too !!



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