Gregs Pancakes





Introduction: Gregs Pancakes

These here are really quick calorie / protein / energy pancakes

Step 1: What You Need

You can add whatever you would like or not use one of these ingrediants

Step 2: Make the Batter

I dont ever measure, so, just put some pancake mix ( appoximately 1 cup) into a bowl. Then add water to desired thickness. Add in one cap full of vanilla extract. Stir in about half a scoop of protien and add more water till right consistancy. Add in coconut, oats, chopped walnuts, and chocolate chips to your liking.

The quantities of the ingrediants can be customized to liking

Add a little more water if needed

Step 3: Make

Place parchment paper on large plate and pour your batter onto the middle of parchment paper. Pour a normal sized pancake. No bigger than your fist is wide.

Place into microwave and nuke it for 45 seconds

Step 4: Eat

Pick up ends of parchment paper and flip this pancake onto plate and enjoy. You can use parchment paper again.



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