Picture of Gremlins 2
Creating a Life Size Gremlin using a toy 

This year Neca released a new series of 6" tall gremlin toys from Gremlins 2 "The New Batch".  I have always been a fan of the Gremlins characters.  You can buy full size model kits of generic Gremlins.  I purchased one a few year ago for my "man cave" in my basement.  I have always wanted to have some of the other gremlins from the movie.  There were four main Gremlins in the movie and all of the have very different personalities.  I will eventually get around to making all of them, but this Instructable is about how I made the character Lenny.  I used him this Halloween to hide in the window while i handed out candy.
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Step 1:

Picture of
I used the 6" toy version of Lenny for reference and modelling.

The toy is designed that the head can removed.

Once I removed the head I was able to set the head up for scanning.

Step 2: Scanning

Picture of Scanning
There are many different type of scanners on the market and different ways of accessing 3D images.  I have had great success using the scanner from Next Engine.  It is fairly affordable and easy to use.  You can scan small and large objects using this scanner.  It also has a multi-drive so that you can scan all side of the object at once.
Once the scanner captures the images it easily aligns your data to give you a full 3D object that can be used in many different 3D programs.

If you don't have access to a 3D scanner the 123D Catch program works great to capture 3D data.

Step 3: Preparing 3D Data

Picture of Preparing 3D Data
I imported the scanned data into ZBrush to edit it and prepare it for printing.  The printer that I am going to use does not allow me to print the entire model in one piece so i removed the ears so that the model can be created separately.

Once the model was imported i was able to refine the model and edit the details.

wat abut putting pin hole cams in the eyes. small speaker in the mouth. small mics in the ears. put assembled head on a servo to turn. rest is up to u.

J-Five2 years ago
Try making them move out when someone breaks a light beam.
fretted2 years ago
What would you charge to make one of these i like little monsters
poofrabbit2 years ago
Very cool! I loved this move and thanks for sharing all the links!