Creating a Life Size Gremlin using a toy 

This year Neca released a new series of 6" tall gremlin toys from Gremlins 2 "The New Batch".  I have always been a fan of the Gremlins characters.  You can buy full size model kits of generic Gremlins.  I purchased one a few year ago for my "man cave" in my basement.  I have always wanted to have some of the other gremlins from the movie.  There were four main Gremlins in the movie and all of the have very different personalities.  I will eventually get around to making all of them, but this Instructable is about how I made the character Lenny.  I used him this Halloween to hide in the window while i handed out candy.

Step 1:

I used the 6" toy version of Lenny for reference and modelling.

The toy is designed that the head can removed.

Once I removed the head I was able to set the head up for scanning.

<p>wat abut putting pin hole cams in the eyes. small speaker in the mouth. small mics in the ears. put assembled head on a servo to turn. rest is up to u.</p>
Try making them move out when someone breaks a light beam.
What would you charge to make one of these i like little monsters
Very cool! I loved this move and thanks for sharing all the links!

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