Grey Mouse Make-Up




Introduction: Grey Mouse Make-Up

Get your squeak on with this grey mouse inspired make-up with a prosthetic twist!

Step 1: Eye Shadow

I started with a light touch of silver eye shadow, followed by some black eyeliner, which you will get to see in a few moments.

Step 2: Grey Paint

Next, I slathered my face with some grey face paint (I used Mehron Paradise in Storm Cloud)

Step 3: Mouse Nose

Now, this is where the prosthetic part comes in. I applied this mouse nose bought from Spirit Halloween (for $5) with a bit of spirit gum. Next, I followed that with a light dab of Flesh Latex to blend into my natural face, along with a dusting of setting powder to keep the look in place. I even painted the nose with light pink face paint to give it a nice pop of color.

Step 4: Mouse Wig

Finally, I capped the entire face off with this grey mouse wig ($10 from Spirit Halloween).

Step 5: Mousing Around!

Mousing around in a cute face like this has never been so amazing!



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