Picture of Grid-Blocked: Wooden Logic Puzzle
This Christmas, my siblings and I decided to set a price limit of $10 for our gifts for each other, since most of us are unemployed students. My plan was to build everyone a little something. This instructable covers the first of my gifts: a wooden version of the puzzle Rush Hour�, by ThinkFun Inc.

The objective of this puzzle is to help the red car get out of the traffic jam by moving the surrounding vehicles out of the way. The vehicles can only move forward and backwards. Cards are required to know the initial placement of the vehicles. Normally, when you purchase the game, it comes with a set of cards. You may also buy "expansion packs", which are simply sets of cards with different puzzles. For this project, you will need one of these expansion packs.

An online version of the game can be found here if you are not familiar with it: Car Game

In the end, I went about $0.50 over budget, but I don't think anyone will mind. The final product can be seen in the image below. The red car is the one you have to help escape from the traffic jam. The blocks have a slot down the centre that allow them to only move in one direction: up/down or left/right.
abbyr3 years ago
where do you get the cards?
roidroid3 years ago
I have made such puzzle inspired by the author. But instead I have cut with laser from plexiglass.

Nice toy :)
tinker2344 years ago
wow be a nice dooor lock
Maximous6 years ago
I bet you I couldn't tell the difference between that masterpiece and one made in a factory. Seriously, great craftsmanship!!!
ChrysN6 years ago
What a nicely crafted gift, great job!