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A simple and small organizer made of elastic bands. Useful for any purpose and fits in your pocket!

Step 1: What You Need

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For this work I used:

a plastic base, from a DVD case (an hard CD case would crack through time);

a cutter;

about 1m of elastic band;

stapler clips to keep all together!

Step 2: Get the Base

Cut the base the shape you like: I made a little square.

Remember base's dimensions should be a multiple of your band whidth, plus some millimeters.

Step 3: Take Measures

You want to cut all the segments you need before you start messing with staplers, scissors ecc...

First wrap the band loose around the base in one direction, until you overlay the end; then stretch it a bit to get some tension and mark the point with your finger.


How many segments do you have to cut?

Consider you have to fill one side of the square with the width of your band: Side Lenght / Band Width = Number Of Segments! (Don't mind decimals, those represent the millimeters you let more)

Do this on each direction.

As you can see, my square has 8.5cm sides, that divided by 1.3cm makes 6.5 = 6 bands per side.

To know how much band will you need, just divide two base areas by the band width.

Example: 8.5cm * 8.5cm = 72.25cm² -> (2 * 72.25cm²) / 1.3cm = 110 cm (as you stretch it will be less).

Step 4: Wrap and Pin 1

Wrap the bands in one direction first, one next to the other until you fill one side. I suggest you to start from the shortest side, so that you are working on longer segments with more ease.

In this step you can pin both the ends first and then wrap the circular band around the base.

Step 5: Wrap and Pin 2

Now the tricky part. Study some pattern you want to make... or just follow your instinct passing over or under the bands you just put. Do the exact opposite on the other side so it gets solid.

Now you have to stretch it more to take it out and pin, then hiding the staples.

Step 6: Enjoy


kkelly-graves (author)2014-10-26

do you mean elastic bands instead of rubber?

White_Haka (author)kkelly-graves2014-10-26

Yes, it must have confused that!

Wow, this is an awesome idea!

Diaphane (author)2014-07-02

This looks cool, I could use something like this. I want to make one, could you add some explanations how to make it?

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