One today's menus is a Grilled Cheese sandwich a great simple and fast-effective way to make a quick snack with just two slices of bread 6 slices of cheese some butter and a little patents. With this simple inscrutable you will be able to make some of the most delirious grilled cheese sandwiches you could imagine. Your Imagination is key. Add pre-cooked bacon, Ham, etc... Food is an art and the artist never shares his deepest secret. Have fun and enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

  • Sliced bread.

  • Butter.

  • Sliced cheese.

  • Butter knife
  • Spatula
  • flat pan

Step 2: Get Started

Set the stove heat to [medium].

Step 3: Butter the Bread

Take two slices of bread and butter one side of each slice. Make sure to spread a thin even layer all the way to the edges of the slices.

Step 4: Apply the Cheese

Place your sliced cheese inside of the sandwich with the butter site on the outside.

Either sliced cheese or grated cheese. For this sandwich I will be using sliced cheese.

Step 5: Place on Pan

Turn your burner to med-low. Place the uncooked sandwiches on the pan

Step 6: Flip Flop

Once the outer edge of the grilled cheese sandwich looks slightly brown. Flip the sandwich to the other side and wait till it is toasty and golden brown and the cheese is completely melted.

Step 7: Enjoy :P

Enjoy your tasty fresh grilled cheese.

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<p>My husband used to make these in college all the time because you can wrap it in foil and make it with an iron :) </p>

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