What's not to love about gooey, melty cheese and crispy, soft bread? Together they are the perfect pair.

But I think it's time to give the classic cheddar and white bread a break.

I've logged here some tips and ideas on how to make simple, classic combinations of flavors amazing by adding the GCF (that is, the grilled cheese factor). They're delicious, versatile, and incredibly easy.

Don't worry: it's normal to want to eat these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Step 1: Chocolate Grilled Cheese

Ok, I'll admit that this may be called stuffed french toast, and isn't anything new to some people.

But I found that out AFTER I made up the idea and created this sandwich. So, I deserve some credit for trying to be original, right?

This is a sweet sandwich perfect for breakfast, and will please practically anyone who likes chocolate (and seriously, who doesn't?!)

Anyway, you start with the bread. I found some amazing bread at my local farmer's market, but you can use bread from wal-mart if you want to. It just decides the quality of your sandwich at the end, and since these are pretty simple, the key is to use higher quality ingredients for a better product. I used oat bread because it is slightly sweet and tastes similar to white bread, but has a chewiness to it that works well in this sandwich.

You'll also need chocolate- any variety will work (milk or dark, you could even try flavored chocolate!) chopped up or in chip form. Mix it with cream cheese: softened to room temperature for spread- and melt-ablity, just enough to bond the chocolate pieces together and create a spread. Spread the spread onto the bread (Dr. Suess, anyone?) and top with another slice to make a sandwich. Easy, right?

Now mix together an egg, a few teaspoons of sugar, and some cream (~1.5 tbsp) in a bowl wide enough for the bread. Dip both sides of the sandwich in the mixture, making sure it soaks some of it up and wiping off extra. There will probably be enough egg mixture to make two sandwiches, depending on their size.

Melt butter in a pan over medium or medium-high heat and fry the sandwich as you would french toast on both sides, until the egg is cooked and slightly browned.

Lastly, I like to serve the sandwich with powdered sugar and cocoa powder or shaved chocolate on top. Bon appetit!

So the second one is like a margherita pizza sandwich
So the second one is like a margherita pizza sandwich
So the second one is like a margherita pizza sandwich
So the second one is like a margherita pizza sandwich
So the second one is like a margherita pizza sandwich
You're my hero!!!! :)
Haha I'm flattered! Glad you enjoyed this:)
<p>I love grilled cheese! I'll have to try these variations!</p>
Me too :) I hope you like them!

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