Grilled Crawdads!





Introduction: Grilled Crawdads!

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Crayfish have a wonderfully sweet meat and can be grilled, boiled, or broiled.

Step 1:

Select live, fiesty crayfish. Wash them off in the sink.

Step 2:

Heat up the grill, water, or oven. Once hot, quickly put the live crayfish in.

Step 3:

Cook until the tail meat looks like this. If boiling, it should take 5 minutes. If grilling or broiling, watch closely after a few minutes of cooking. Like all seafood, the crayfish will continue cooking after you take them off the heat, so ideally, you should pull them when they are underdone and let them cook to perfection as you are serving them.

Step 4:


Step 5:

Crack open the tail and, if you're patient, the claws.



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    never had crawfish grilled or baked only boiled. how we do it is get a sack of 30 Lb put them in a bathtub or anything that can hold water and put a little bit of salt in to purge them and when we cook them use 2 boxes of crab boil in the bags and add that to the water and while their cooking add corn sausage onions garlic potatoes and mushrooms taste great

    Its hard to find (creek) larger ones in NW PA. I have never gotten more than just a couple large ones at a time. But the smaller ones cook up well too.

    And as to humane ways of killing them - they are gone so quick after they hit boiling water I wonder if it even registers with them. I would think the slower, freezing process worse, but am not sure.


    i have been cooking *yabbies for a while now, but found out I'm getting a bit tired of the usual slightly salty taste (at least they don't taste like where they come from..a muddy dam...)
    (*Australian version of crawdad)
    i'll have to try this...MMMM

    please it would be great ifc you ad in this: befor cooking blance the crawdad on its head and pet it on the head and put it in the freezer its the most humane way of killing it put it head down

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    The crayfish are dead a fraction of a second after placing them on the grill... I wouldn't worry about being so humane. Ewilhelm, You didn't mention sucking the body after removing the tail. You're missing out on so much flavor! I have no idea where I'd find crayfish for sale here in Vegas. This looks so good I can almost smell them!

    Look in a small(hopefully privately owned by someone you know and unpolluted!) stream or river. Your slower moving ones are better. Look under rocks and in small holes for these. Don't stick your hand anywhere without looking!

    When goin for crawdads it dosnt really matter where you stick your hand, if u want to not get pinched then ya look, but ther little and it dosnt hurt me at all any more when i go for em

    shifman is a member of the P.E.T.C people for the ethnical treatment of crayfish lololololol dud over 20 million tons of crustaceans are eaten every year around the world

    ok buddy killing a couple of crayfish is nothing compaired to what potchers and cruel people do to other animals, My mom worked at thehumane society and they had a cat weresome one doused it in gasoline then lit it so it had lots of burns and no hair or wiskers, but it lived i got to pet it when it healed

    we were on a boy scout camping trip to summer camp last week and we boiled some crawdads... they were good.. kinda like shrimp and lobster combined...

    Nice... I've been meaning to try crayfish for a while.