Grilled Eggplant Sandwich (Vegetarian)

Picture of Grilled Eggplant Sandwich (Vegetarian)
an easy and good tasting (mom approved) sandwich!
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Step 1: Stuff needed....

-Cutting board
-cooking spray
-spinach (or lettuce)
-Herbamare (buy at natural food store or vitacost.com! & optional)

Step 2:

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Preheat the grill on high....

Step 3: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
Cut the eggplant into pieces about 1/2 inch thick.

Step 4: Prepare

Picture of prepare
spray eggplant slices with cooking spray and sprinkle on salt and pepper, repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Grill time!

Picture of Grill time!
Once you have prepared the eggplant as told, place on preheated grill until golden brown on both sides.

Step 6:

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when ready, place a slice of buttered bread (butter side) on the grill. place grilled eggplant, spinach, cheese on the bread (as picture shows).

Step 7: Mayo

Picture of Mayo
Spread mayo on other slice of bread and sprinkle with Herbamare. place mayo side on top of spinach then butter the top of the slice of bread.

Step 8: FLIP!

Picture of FLIP!
Flip the sandwich when golden and crispy on one side. remove from grill when both sides are crispy and cheese is melted!

Step 9: ENJOY!

Picture of ENJOY!
Enjoy your sandwich and the picture of our little helper of the day!!!
daniel1101 month ago
it looks delicious
billbillt1 year ago

this is very tasty looking...

jsharpe33 years ago
The Sargento Cheese is not vegetarian. It contains Enzymes and Rennet which comes from a baby cows stomach lining. There are however brands that are made w/o. For example, Horizon Organics Dairy makes their cheese without the use of Rennet and makes it suitable for Vegetarians like myself.
I just had this for lunch today and it was delicious!!! Thanks for the idea!
WoundedEgo4 years ago
I haven't tried this, but I'm wondering if the eggplant gets soft and flavorful with that method of cooking. It kind of looks, from the pictures, as if it has retained the tough, cardboard like texture of raw eggplant. I like mine cooked mushy and savory. I also think garlic is a perfect complement for eggplant.
If you like it more tender, you could sprinkle the slices liberally with salt, place them in a bowl for a half-hour or so, then rinse, drain and pat dry. Then proceed. This should help. I also like to cut my eggplants 'plank-style' -- lengthwise -- for sammies.
Thanks for the lengthwise tip. Why does you name say "Pro" and mine says "Bozo"?
substitute the eggplant with portabello mushroom, or even better replace the bread with the mushroom and include the eggplant.
OOooo, or BOTH on a really good, thick, hearty bread. Love it!
J@50n (author)  Ginger Magnus5 years ago
sounds good!
Omnomnomnomnom. Knowing me, though, (I'm quite picky) I'd take a bite and throw up. ;D
Why bother to post that? Do we really need to know about your inability to enjoy a wide range of comestibles, or is this a cry for attention? I don't understand people who only post comments in order to denigrate something they have no intention of even trying. It's as though they're compelled to say, "Look how special I am, I'm picky!" It's the 'princess/pea' syndrome, imho. I just wish people would keep their negativity to themselves. Putting a 'winky-grin' after it doesn't undo the inherent ugliness. Pass the brain-bleach, please.
J@50n (author)  watermelonhead5 years ago
me too, its my moms thing!
rocklocker4 years ago

This is going to be tested this week end, looks great. Nice Weimerreimer by the way.
i'm hungry now =( 
canida6 years ago
Mmmm, that looks good!
Have you experimented with grilled zucchini and mushrooms?
J@50n (author)  canida6 years ago
No I havnt actually! Is it really good? Mushroom and zuccini sound good together though