Picture of Grilled Lamb Chops with Falafel
This is a simple recipe to make grilled lamb chops and falafel (whats a falafal.....? go read here ... )
a type of veg cutlet tasting thing.. from the land of yummy chick pea recipes ... some where from middle earth.. ahem middle east.

It's an indianized recipe so check your salt and chilly levels.
I saw this recipe from a lifestyle magazine in a saloon.
I love to cook at home (sign......)  can't afford those costly restaurants.. cost a bomb
I called and they said it's ok to share it as it's on public domain on their e-magazine. Lots of recipes in their.. search for gourmet corner..

Now I copied ingredients verbatim.... so don't say i didnt do anything i typed this entire lot... first instructable so please give some positive feed back... or you will suffer the curse of jingilala....

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Step 1: Preparing the Lamb chops and herb sauce

For the lamb chops rub t hem with crushed peppers , salt and olive oil  like it really gets in there... and put some more of the mixture over the entire lot and leave for about two hours. This is called marination.

The lamb chops are placed on a stripped and cleaned fridge tray on a metal bucket. put sand and  then coals on top in the bucket... is that a sub instructable... ..?

for the sauce ... melt some butter, add herbs.and saute ...for just untill it gets thick and feels like sauce..
( The feel is very important... the feel) don't burn the butter till it smokes.. just sizzles gently...

Step 2: Ingriedients list

lamb chops 2
salt to taste
pepper (crushed) 2 gm
olive oil 5 ml

For herb sauce
mixed fresh herbs 5 gm ( spinach, mint,coriander, + two small tender leaves of Gongura/puntikura (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) < My addition . :) )
butter 40 gm
salt to taste
pepper (crushed) 2 gm

For falafels
dried chickpeas 60 gm
onion (chopped) 20 gm
garlic (chopped) 10 gm
parsley (chopped) 10 gm
coriander 5 gm
cumin 5 gm
flour 20 gm
cupid423 years ago
What sort of wine would one recommend with this dish?
techraptor (author)  cupid423 years ago
I would love to answer that but I do not drink alcohol. Will ask my friend who had this with some beverage. :)
scoochmaroo3 years ago
These are gorgeous photos! What kind of camera do you have? We love making lamb chops at home, but I've never used a grill for them.
techraptor (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
nikon d3100 for the plate arrangement... the steak was on my PC don't remember where i got it...
stoeff4 years ago
techraptor (author)  stoeff4 years ago
thank you.... :)