Who doesn't love Pineapple Cheesecake?  Well... my husband doesn't care for Pineapple... so it's all mine! ;-D

I made this Smoothie creation just because I could. ;-)

A confession: I have never made or used No-bake Cheesecake before! It works so well in this recipe that I'm looking forward to making different fruit-flavored Cheesecake Smoothies with it.

It's always fun to experiment with the different food items. I like food that tastes great and is easy to prepare. Make-ahead meals are a passion of mine, so I was delighted that the no-bake cheesecake freezes so well. 

Actually, the entire blended Smoothie freezes perfectly into a semi-hard Ice cream.  

This easy-peasy, inexpensive Smoothie recipe makes 4 servings.

With very little effort, you'll WOW your family and friends in both flavor and presentation!


Step 1: Ingredients you'll need:

1 20 oz. can Sliced Pineapple
1 Box No-Bake Cheesecake Mix
1/2 Cup Ice water (approx)
6 Caramel Candies plus 2 teaspoons water.

First, take one slice of Pineapple out of the can and grill it. I have a Jenn-aire stovetop grill so it's easy for me. Grilling the pineapple is optional, but it adds some "pretty" to the finished Smoothie.

Grill on high for a couple of minutes on each side. Remove to a bowl and put it in the freezer.

Put the rest of the Pineapple (with all of the juice) into your blender and blend on high speed for 3-4 minutes.

Fill an Ice Cube Tray with the blended Pineapple and freeze it.  This may take a couple of hours.

What doesn't fit, put in a glass cup and refrigerate it.

When making a Smoothie or frozen treat, it's recommended that you use 1 part liquid to 3-4 parts frozen ingredients so you don't damage the blades or motor.  

P.S. Don't forget to put your Smoothie Glasses in the freezer, too!
I love your finished product presentations..nice work Baja Blue,,,,love ya MP
Thanks MissM! ;-)
Yummm O good job.
Not to be nitpicky, but making caramel from scratch is maybe even easier than this ^.^ All you need is sugar, butter, milk/cream and heat.<br><br>Just heat sugar in a pan (with maybe a little water to get it started) til it melts, add butter, when that melts, add cream.<br>(maybe I will make an instructable for that with some measurements ^.^)<br><br>This recipe sounds delicious by the way!
lol... as long as I don't have to microwave Sweetened condensed milk EVER again. That concoction was not only dangerous (with the potential for disaster), it tasted so wrong! I had to turn to my little caramel candies in the pantry.<br><br>I'd enjoying reading an instructable on the proper, easy way to make fresh caramel sauce. I always have those ingredients on hand.<br><br>Please let me know when you publish.... and Thank you!!!<br><br>
ohhh seems obviously delicious ! <br>:P
If you were here, I'd share with you!
in a couple years I'm going to visit the USA, I'll let you know :D
I spend every Winter in Mexico, so we could meet halfway... lol... sorta!!!
i dont live in Mexico, I'm Brazilian ;D
Yes, I know. I was just thinking Mexico is halfway between Brazil and the States.
I love grilled Pineapple.

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