Wanting a grilled cheese one day only to discover we had no sliced cheese, I came up with this. It's made just like a grilled cheese but with pizza stuff instead. They're pretty quick and easy to make and taste pretty good. Hope you like them and I hope no one else has already come up with this cause I'm feeling pretty proud of my inventiveness ;)

Step 1: Gather the Stuff

You just need:
pizza sauce
shredded cheese
any other toppings you want
frying pan
butter knife or spoon
<p>This looks AWESOME! cant wait to try it out! :)</p>
<p>thanks! let me know how you like it!</p>
I'll definitely be trying this! I just got a new George Foreman grill and I think I can cook these on there :) Thanks for the idea!
awesome! Let me know how they turn out
Yummers! Just as delicious as pizza but easier to eat :)
Haha! yup, much easier. thanks for the feedback
This looks extremely tasty and simple to make.....Bonus!
thanks for checking it out :)

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