My husband is a BIG fan of football and since today happens to be Football World Cup Finals, I decided to make this dish "Grilled Tiger Prawns with Yogurt Coconut Chutney, Cumin Rice and Kale Salad" . It was perfect for the day, perfect for summer and also perfect for this contest (yeahhhh...I am so happy today :-)). We both had a blast and I hope you like it too. Please do let me know your views. Thank you!

Step 1: Cleaning Tiger Prawns


Tiger Prawns - 6.


  • Remove the shell and leave the tail as is it.
  • Make a slit on the hump of the prawn and remove the thin wire kind of slimy substance. If this is not removed, it can cause harm to our stomach.
  • Wash in water.

Clean tiger prawns are now ready for further process!

<p>Presentation is excellent :) Yum.</p>
<p>Thank you, Passion Make. I am sorry for responding so late. </p>
That's ok :)
<p>It looks really Yumm :).. Love all the dishes.. Awesome presentation!!</p>
<p>Thank you, Bhawya. I am sorry for responding so late.</p>
<p>Yum, my mouth is watering right now!</p>
<p>Thank you. It was indeed delicious. Hope you try it.</p>
<p>Wow a complete meal... Looks delicious and colorful... very good presentation :)</p>
<p>You know what, my husband told me the same :-) Thanks a lot...</p>

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