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Introduction: Grilled Turkey & Sprout Sandwich

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This sandwich is great because you only need to use half a slice of provolone, and the wilted sprouts will fill in the rest!

Add some extra vegetable on the side, and you've got yourself a low calorie, well-balanced meal that's nutritious and healthy.


Because if something tastes like crap, what's the point?  Make it tasty or get the fudge out!

After all, the only remedy to a terrible meal is the delicious solace of fudge.  Preferably maple pecan. 

But it's diet season....

Stupid maple pecan fudge...  always calling its siren song....

Step 1: Cheese

Break half a slice of provolone up and distribute pieces evenly across a slice of wholesome bread.

Step 2: Mustard

Squeeze a bit of mustard on the cheese.  This is to prevent the mustard from soaking into the bread.

Step 3: Sprouts

Add some sprouts.

Step 4: Turkey

Add a couple slices of turkey.

Step 5: Finish

Put on another slice of bread and grill it in your George Foreman or panini press.

Step 6: Serve

Cut in half and serve with carrots lightly coated with fresh lime juice.

Total Calories for This Meal:  ~300



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Congratulations on winning...!! :)

Thank you! And congrats on the baking contest win! :D

thanks a lot..! ;)

This is one of my favorite sandwiches to make! Turkey and sprouts go so well together. :D

I like subbing the cheese for avocado and adding red onion, too.

ugggggh so hungry

That sounds great! Stuff it in a pita and call it lunch!

You make things look delicious , combinations I never thought putting together,

It helps to be hungry when coming up with unusual combinations. Of course, during a super hungry moment, I made myself a mashed potato sandwich which isn't really weird in my opinion but people think I'm weird for doing it. :P

Great job!... My stomach begins to growl as I read this....