Grilling Area Project


Introduction: Grilling Area Project

This is my recent project in our backyard. We have extended our patio and added an area for cooking, grilling and smoking - now we have an outdoor kitchen. I always wanted an outdoor cooking area because I love the idea of cooking in out in the open air. Most of the plans for an outdoor kitchen area I was able to find online were made up of wood and steel, and I wanted to try something new.

First we drew the plan (as seen in the pictures). We then started with digging the marked area and then poured concrete in there. We then used concrete cinder blocks to build the walls. This was ultimately followed by tiling and grouting. All in all, it took about 3 weeks to finish, considering that we were only able to give this a few hours every day.

Items needed:
Cement blocks (total number depends on how many and how high do you want the walls)
Cement/concrete mix
A small counter grill, a large gas grill and a smoker

Specifics: The digging was followed by mixing the concrete bags - we had to use about 35 of the 80lb bags. We waited for a few days to let the area completely dry. We then put concrete blocks according to the counter space we needed, and to make sure that the smoker and the gas grill fit as well. We also left some space between our back wall and the grill for safety reasons. We then filled up most of the blocks and spaces with cement. After it had dried well, we mixed up the mortar followed by tiling. Finally, we grouted the tiles, and left it for two days. Last thing was to add some style - we added some pebbles and gravel, and some decorations on top.



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    It would have been nice to see pictures of the construction. Great job!

    3 replies

    I have posted some more pics .hope it works now. and thanks for admiring.

    Thank you for posting pictures of how you constructed your project. You got my vote!