Grim Reaper Staff





Introduction: Grim Reaper Staff

Always remember to have fun and enjoy This project cost me zero dollars it was all of items around my house house

Step 1: Tree Branch

You may you's any wood stick, broom , mop or like me a tree branch you just clean it up

Step 2: Cuts

With a table saw or skill saw , chop saw or jig cut out the center . Depending on what thickness you have .i cut mine at 3/4 inch gap

Step 3: Paint Staff

I paint it the branch with a spray can I purchase at Home Depot for a $1 .spray as Dark or lite as you want

Step 4: Plywood 3/4 Inch

Draw your blade on your piece of plywood you don't need any special size . I cut mine 20 inch long .and 7 inches wide from rear.

Step 5: Blade

One's you cut out you're blade, clean up with a sander maker sure don't have a ruff edges and then with color of your choice spray your blade

Step 6: Done

Put your blade between the gap and secure with a screw and your done.



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    First time making it snowdrip1101 maybe next time

    Well done. Better than plastic!

    Ever consider steel or aluminum for the blade?