Grimmjowkings Magpul FMG-9




Introduction: Grimmjowkings Magpul FMG-9

Credit goes to Verypoopy for the design.

Heres my take on his gun with some improvements by adding an oodammo magazine.

Shoots incredibly hard
Medium Range

Ram rod is slightly hard to pull back

Check out the video link below to see how it unfolds.



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Why hello there, I did not know you still posted. Anyway, back to your gun...
This an okay FMG-9, but there are a few things wrong with this version. First off, the front half of the FMG-9 and the back half are the same height. Your front half is higher than your back half. Your carry-handle could also improve, as it is quite messy. Your pistol grip needs a nice solid bottom, and your stock is kinda messy as well. Over all yours is better than verypoopy's (why would he chose that user name anyway???) but it still could use some improvement. If you look at the pics below, you will see the FMG-9 (carry-hand-less [no carry handle]) that I am working on. It is top loaded, and is somewhat better than verypoopy's version. What are your thoughts?

DSC08422.JPGDSC08421.JPGDSC08423.JPGDSC08420.JPGFMG-9 (good side view).pngFMG-9 without carry handle.jpg

Id have to agree that mine was pretty messy, especially in comparison to yours. On a side note yours looks very clean and well made. I hope it works as well as you planned.

Well, yours was just not finished, not necessarily "messy." Thanks for the complement. My FMG-9 is finished, but since I am doing a collaboration with BlueMullet 2, I have to wait to see what his looks like, so we can combine ours. Mine currently might get 40 ft., and that is only with one band. The disadvantage is the fact that it is top breach loaded, not mag loaded (see pic #2 above).

That's awesome! Can it actually fold?