I will show you how to store 20-30 4' grinder disc most simply and effortlessly


Grab an old DVD box

Step 2: Sort Out Your Grinder Discs 4'

sort out your grinding discs (4' size) in the pic i showed 1 rough sand paper disc , 1 smooth sand paper disc, 1 diamond cutting disc, 1 grinding disc, 1 cutting disc.

Step 3: Assemble and You R Done, Its Also Air Tight So No Chance for Rust

Now put the discs as you want the order to be. you can store nearly 20-30 discs in a single DVD box.

Hope this helps.

<p>Recycled a good thing </p>
0.5/10 ye to sab ko pata h sabhi ease hi nhi rkhte h
what did u said can u please say it in English
Awesome... I will definitely be using this.
Yeah I have to agree, pretty good tip. Mine hang on a hook, and are a pain to sort through if I need to change them to something different. Thanks.
<p>Pretty good tip, mine are just kicking about in my toolbox. Thanks.</p>
<p>glad to help</p>

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