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Introduction: Gringo Burrito

About: I just published my first instructable and looking forward to doing more on this great site.

I have been following Instructables for about 10 years and have never published one. So with the urging of the "First Instructable Contest." I am going to do one, on one of my favorite snacks. It is quick, easy, and very delicious. I call it "Gringo Burrito" and you will see why as you read on.

Step 1: First Things First

First things first, gather everything you need. Most will find everything they need already in their kitchens.
1. Flour Tortilla's

2. Peanut Butter

3. Favorite Jelly

4. Butter

5. Electric Griddle or other safe method of heating the Tortilla's

6. Spatula

Step 2: Get Things Going

Warm the tortillas and butter them on one side while warming. This will add flavor to the tortillas. Remove and place on dinner plate. Now spread peanut butter as thick as you desire, then add your favorite jelly.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Next simply roll it up, You are ready to eat, I like a soda along with my "Gringo Burrito's". I carried these to work for first break snack, just reheat and eat. Quick, Simple, and Satisfying.

Step 4: Thank's

Thanks for viewing my Instructable, I hope you enjoy and Please Vote favorably for my effort in making my first Instructable after all the years I have follow this great resource.



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    Wow! This is delicious! I will definitely vote for this amazing snack!

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    I am pleased you like this snack. I think because it is easy and quick to make, and down right good your friends will love it also.

    Thanks, sounds like you really enjoyed this snack, please share with your friends. Thanks

    Thanks, share with your friends. Ask them to get a instrustable account and vote and enjoy the best content on the web.

    Thanks, I am sure your grandkids will like this snack also.

    Thank you, please share with your friends.