Picture of sugru Grip for xacto or hobby knife
If you have a hobby knife that did not come with a grip here is a quick easy way to fix this with sugru. This also works with things like pens and pencils.
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Step 1: Materials you will need

Picture of materials you will need
 - hobby knife (or whatever item you are adding a grip to)
 - Sugru or clay

Step 2: Piece of sugru

Picture of piece of sugru
xacto knife grip 003.JPG
1. Cut a strip of sugru.
2. Trim it to however wide you would like you're grip to be.

Step 3: Placing on the knife

Picture of placing on the knife
xacto knife grip 005.JPG

1. Wrap the strip around you're knife.
2. Cut off excess sugru.

Step 4: Molding knife

Picture of molding knife

1. place you're fingers on the sugru how you normally hold the knife or a pencil and press down. 

Step 5: Finished!

Picture of finished!
That's it! you're done. You now have a fancy new grip for you're hobby knife.
the poodleo4 years ago
that is a great idea. i don't know if there isnt already something on instructables like this, but something related to this would be a sugru finger protector. sort of like o thimble, but a lot more moldable. it would be great for anything, because i find that i am constantly getting stingy little cuts on my fingers from not being carefu enough with my hobby knife.
ChrysN4 years ago
Nice idea, I find xacto knives can get uncomfortable to use if you are doing a lot of detailed work.
Iam4NUru (author)  ChrysN4 years ago
Thanks, that was my problem to those little bumps are annoying!
You can also use one of those Pencil Grips. You get several of them in a pack and they are normally under two bucks.
How much sugru did you use? I just bought some and there's 6 5 gram packets. 1 packet? More? Thanks!
Iam4NUru (author)  tinstructable4 years ago
i think less than one packet maybe even less than half. I did not have sugru at the time so I used clay to demonstrate. So i dont know off the top of my head.