Grip Grip





Introduction: Grip Grip

Grip grip is a simple solution for those who like to “go naked” with their iPod touch, but could use a little more grip around the edges.

Step 1: Materials

1 iPod touch
1 grocery store produce issue rubber band {or rubber band of equal size}

*may require a trip to your local grocery store

Step 2: Stretch { Lookout for Backfire }

Make sure to position the band securely around the edge while maintaining access to all your buttons and ports; the easiest way to do this is by adjusting the band at each of the 4 corners. 

Step 3: Grip're done! Enjoy a better {pocket safe} handheld grip and the ability to lean against surrounding objects like never before! Grip grip!



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    Love this!

    Cool, thanks for the heads-up!

    fine but I've seen better, iPhone games

    Whatcha drawin' there tim?

    I like your coffee mug ^^

    Thanks. By the way, your Perry the platypus inaction figure is AWESOME.

    What's the name of the clock app ? Your idea is really great buy the way!

    1 reply

    The app is called Alarmdock by areaware. Thanks!

    i think it looks better with the band around it :)

    haha I guess great minds do think alike because I am currently doing the same thing with my iphone! Nice job btw.

    I implemented this on my nokia 5800 .. it's interfering a bit with the control buttons, but after modding the rubber band a bit (making it a tad smaller on one side) it's been operational for 24 hours now :)

    1 reply

    That is awesome to hear. I was hoping some people might try this on other applicable smart devices; the tapered edge of the iPod touch really makes for an ideal fit without getting in the way, but as you pointed out a little modification can make this work elsewhere too. I've had mine in place for close to a week under constant use; I can't imagine using my iPod without it now. Good luck with your nokia!

    Haha thanks, I love that tag line.