Picture of Grip grip
Grip grip is a simple solution for those who like to “go naked” with their iPod touch, but could use a little more grip around the edges.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1 iPod touch
1 grocery store produce issue rubber band {or rubber band of equal size}

*may require a trip to your local grocery store

Step 2: Stretch { Lookout for backfire }

Picture of Stretch { Lookout for backfire }
Make sure to position the band securely around the edge while maintaining access to all your buttons and ports; the easiest way to do this is by adjusting the band at each of the 4 corners. 

Step 3: Grip

Picture of Grip
IMG_4123.JPG're done! Enjoy a better {pocket safe} handheld grip and the ability to lean against surrounding objects like never before! Grip grip!
That is awesome
ecohrs1 year ago
Love this!
Grip grip!
JensonBut2 years ago
Cool, thanks for the heads-up!
DjAndy2 years ago
fine but I've seen better, iPhone games
aids3332 years ago
Whatcha drawin' there tim?
Avaviel2 years ago
I like your coffee mug ^^
Simply brilliant!
timwikander (author)  rocketsurgery2 years ago
Thanks. By the way, your Perry the platypus inaction figure is AWESOME.
Cmontalk2 years ago
What's the name of the clock app ? Your idea is really great buy the way!
timwikander (author)  Cmontalk2 years ago
The app is called Alarmdock by areaware. Thanks!
i think it looks better with the band around it :)
haha I guess great minds do think alike because I am currently doing the same thing with my iphone! Nice job btw.
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!
wazzup1053 years ago
I implemented this on my nokia 5800 .. it's interfering a bit with the control buttons, but after modding the rubber band a bit (making it a tad smaller on one side) it's been operational for 24 hours now :)
timwikander (author)  wazzup1053 years ago
That is awesome to hear. I was hoping some people might try this on other applicable smart devices; the tapered edge of the iPod touch really makes for an ideal fit without getting in the way, but as you pointed out a little modification can make this work elsewhere too. I've had mine in place for close to a week under constant use; I can't imagine using my iPod without it now. Good luck with your nokia!
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timwikander (author)  DELETED_fxlab3 years ago
Haha thanks, I love that tag line.
GummiBear3 years ago
Wow rly cool and so simple idea!