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Thrift?  Frugality?  Eco-accessories?  Something you can do while being lazy on the couch?  You got it!

This Instructable shows how to make a macrame bracelet entirely out of grocery bags (and a few beads if you prefer).  This same technique can also be applied to making a ring.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Grocery Bags
  • Lighter
  • Bottle
  • Beads (optional)

Step 2: Cut Bag

Cut off the bottom of the bag.

Using your index finger as measurement, start cutting a long, spiraled band from the bag.  It won't really curl, but think of it like peeling an apple in one solid strip.

Step 3: Make a Wrap

Wrap the grocery bag ribbon several times around a bottle.  Double check that the resulting circle will fit over your hand.

Step 4: Start Knotting

Leave a "tail" of one end of the wrap exposed, and with the other end, start tying a series of half hitches.

Step 5: Knot End and Snip

Knot the "tail" and the end you've been working with.

Snip the excess.

You can stop here if you like!  Or continue on...

Step 6: Make the Twine

This Instructable does an excellent job of explaining how to make rope/twine out of fibers.  The same principle applies here.

Cut a grocery bag into thin strips.

In groups of 4, start twisting it into twine.

Once you have enough (~12"/30cm), you can snip the beginning end and melt it a bit with a lighter.  This will make beading easier.

If you need extra length:
  • Bundle 4 more strips and overlap with a bit of excess where you've already twisted.
  • Twist the new bundle a few times before adding another bundle to the other half in the same way.  This will keep things orderly with minimal confusion and enough fingers to keep going.
  • Once you've worked through a few twists, you can snip away the excess and continue twisting.
The twine is actually quite attractive!

Step 7: Beading

Thread the twine through the half hitch loops and add a bead between the weaving.

Knot the ends and snip excess.




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    Just made one, super cute!

    Wow! And a pair of these, just t bit larger, would make great handles on a purse made from bags.

    I made handles by braiding them and it is fine. I have made another one that I haven't published yet but will in a day or two. They make great handles. Have you priced handles at the craft stores? Plastic bags are great for stuff. So glad she posted this.

    Indeed! But the material is a bit stretchy... Still the cost of experimenting ain't much.

    I have been experimenting using plastic bags. This is a great idea. My mom probably would try necklaces with them.

    One of my mother's friends used to crochet plastic bread bags into rugs, and I think that's what got me started in experimenting.

    If you do this, please take a picture to share!  I'd love to see what you come up!

    Oh yes, I have thought about that. I did use plastic bread bags on a tote for handles. It worked great and actually looked good too. I have it on my page here. The handles were fairly strong because I braided quite a few together.

    I have it here If I am not supposed to do this let me know and I will send a pm and delete this message.