Facts about hot air balloon

Hot air balloons (in the east known as sky lantern) fly when the air inside the hot air balloon is less dense than the air surrounding it. Hot air is less dense than cool air; the heated air causes the balloon to rise simply because it is lighter than an equal volume of cold air. Buoyancy is an upward force that the air exerts, and it helps hot air balloons and blimps stay in the air. A hot air balloon uses a heat source to heat up the air inside the balloon.

This is an instructable of making a hot air balloon from a grocery bag.

The reason I did this instructable was my passion of hot air balloon.




Step 1: Items

Items(This items are easily get from your local store)

  1. Grocery bag (I find the biggest ones)
  2. 4 drinking straws
  3. String
  4. Needle
  5. Candle
  6. Sticky tape
  7. Aluminium foil


  1. Scissor
  2. Lighter

Step 2: The Frame

  1. Firstly, I attach every ends of the straws with the sticky tape. (I make sure that the usage of the tape are just adequate as not to add extra weight to the frame)
  2. I tape the straws so that the angle of each corner is 90 degree.
  3. When finished, it will look like a square.

Step 3: The Platform

  1. I cut the thread into two and tie the threads in the middle (the thread should be long enough to be tied at each corner of the frame later).
  2. Then, I cut the aluminium foil in square.
  3. Using a needle with the thread, I link every corner of the squared foil. (Be very careful not accidentally tear the foil in the process)
  4. To secure the fixture, I attach the sticky tape in the middle.

Step 4: The Carriage

  1. I tie each thread's end to the frame.(you need a lot of patience and nimble fingers)
  2. The facing downside will be the side with the tape and the facing upside is without the tape.
  3. In the center of the foil, I will put a candle (or a few).

Step 5: The Balloon

  1. I attach the under carriage to the grocery bag with stick tape.
  2. Then, I light the candle and let the bag expand slowly. (It will take a while before the balloon is fully expand. You can add additional candles to quickly assist the process)
  3. I test the balloon for a while before let it go to rise.
  4. Please watch the test flight video.

FYI, I burn a few balloons before I succeed :D


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<p>Please think twice (or three times) before littering the countryside with material that can cause such damage to wildlife and has the risk of causing uncontrolled fires.</p><p>If you must make one then ensure that everything in the construction will bio-degrade rapidly and with as little fuel as possible. <br><br>Don't use plastics at all!</p><p><a href="http://www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/litter/chineselanterns" rel="nofollow">http://www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/litter/ch...</a></p>
Yes, you are right about that. However, some of the grocery stores start to use biodegradable plastic bags. If you are lucky, you can make hot air balloon from it. <br>Thanks for commenting :)
<p>I've seen this done with a cotton ball soaked in methylated spirit instead of a candle and a bigger soaked &amp; lit cotton ball on the ground under the balloon to initially fill it with hot air. Obviously best done in winter when the air is cold and ground is wet so you don't get to spend time in jail as Bubba's wife for starting a bush (forrest) fire.</p>
Yes, you're absolutely right about that. Somehow for a real hot air balloon, the handlers usually initially fiĺl up the balloon with a lot of hot air before the flight. It is same with this. The balloon must have external heat than the candle or soaked cotton attached to fill up the cavity.<br>Thanks for commenting :)
<p>I have been experimenting with this idea for a wile i will give yours a try and see if it works </p>
Let me know if you've succeed :)<br>Thanks for commenting.
<p>I have been experimenting with this idea for a wile i will give yours a try and see if it works .</p>
Let me know if you've succeed :)<br>Thanks for commenting.
<p>I have been experimenting with this idea for a wile i will give yours a try and see if it works .</p>
Let me know if you've succeed :)<br>Thanks for commenting.
<p>I have been experimenting with this idea for a wile i will give yours a try and see if it works </p>
Let me know if you've succeed :)<br>Thanks for commenting.
Thanks for commenting.
Thanks for commenting.
I used dry cleaning bags, larger volume, greater lift. Also used birthday candles, about half a dozen.
It's so fun doing it :D<br>Thanks for commenting.
Thanks for commenting.
<p>My neighbors will love me. For starting fires! Kidding and I hope that's not a problem as I must try this.</p><p>zapp</p>
I've try many times before I can make it fly. So many grocery bag get burn in the process:(<br>Tips : I suggest you get a bigger plastik bag (e.g. garbage bag) and replace the string and straw with thin wire:D<br>If it is windy outside, it's NOT OK to fly.<br>Thanks for commenting.<br>HAPPY MAKING!
So cool!
Thanks for commenting.
great job! i vote you!
Thanks for commenting and for voting mine instructable :D
<p>I like to see folks repurpose items. This reminds me of my way younger days when I would take dry cleaning plastic garment bags and make parachutes out of them for my model rockets. So many folks throw away so many items that can be reused these days. Nice project.</p>
Yea, you're right. I remember that days. Now, when I'm doing the instructables, it's feel like a therapy for me :D<br>Thanks for commenting.
<p>My boys are going to love making this! Thanks for sharing!</p>
Tips : Find the biggest grocery bag you can get. The larger the better.<br>Thanks for commenting.
Tips No. 2 : Make sure the surrounding air is cool.

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