Grocery Gnome: Candy, Fundraising, Collecting and more!

Picture of Grocery Gnome: Candy, Fundraising, Collecting and more!
I was asked recently to create something to hold receipts from a local grocery store in town.  The receipts are collected and tallied and the parent store donate money to the school.  So creating something catch that people look at or remember is helpful to get them to bring in more receipts.  So, this year I decided to create a Grocery Gnome or GG for short.

While he is used to hold paper receipts he can also hold candy to pass out, small toys, tickets, names for a drawing o even used as a wicked cool trash can by your desk.
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
I'm going to list materials I used, however keep in mind creativity is key and you can easily use other materials that work for your project.  I made something similar last year you can look at for ideas as well if you click HERE or even this instructable of mine

Small trash can
Large bouncy ball
spray foam insulation (Great stuff)ylic
poster board
tin foil
acrylic paint
hot glue & hot glue gun
blue disposable shop towels
acrylic paint
fake fruit

Step 2: The basic shape

Picture of The basic shape
I had to decide how I was going to crate the basic gnome shape. I found this great trash can that had an angle to the opening and a great big ball at wal-mart and decide this would be my gnomes basic make up.

Now, you could use a gallon bucket, balloons or other material, but I was in a time crunch so as I walked along the aisles of wal-mart these items caught my eye an I thought, AH HA!