Before you start grooming your horse, make sure you have all the things you need in order to groom correctly.

You will need:

  1. Hair Brush for Mane
  2. Soft Brush
  3. Scissors to cut mane and tailn ( if necessary )
  4. Body Brush
  5. Currycomb
  6. Hoof Pick
  7. Two Sponges
  8. Hard Plastic Brush
  9. Skin cream (if necessary)

Step 1: Grooming the Horses Mane and Tail

The First step in grooming are the mane and the tail of the horse.

Use the Hair Brush to brush through the horse’s mane, be careful not to make fast unexpected movements, especially as you get closer to the horses head and ears. Some horses might not like that.

When grooming the tail, be careful to not rip out too much hair. You can also use the Body brush which will prevent too many hairs to rip out of the horse’s tail. Those hairs will take 7 years to fully grow back to their initial length!


TIPP: When brushing the tail, divide the tail into sections and hold each of them individually while you brush the lower end. This also prevents too many hairs from being pulled out.

Very clear' detailed and informative! I especially liked the hoof cleaning diagram and the safety information right where it belonged in the process. Thanks for a great 'ible.
This is fantastic. Lots of good tips :D

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