Step 3: Grooming the Horses Fur


When grooming the horses fur you should use the body brush, the plastic brush  and the soft brush.


If the horse is very dirty it is recommended that you use the blue plastic brush first which will help you remove all the hard dirt in the horses fur. Do not use this brush on the horse’s legs or head!


After you have removed all the rough dirt you should use the body brush to clean the fur and make it straight so that the saddle and the snaffle will not cause bruises on the horse’s skin if the dirt rubs in between the equipment and the horse.


Brush the horse in the direction of the fur and move from the front of the horse to the backside in an organized manner.


When brushing the head it might be helpful to use the soft brush if it is not too dirty, as some horses are very sensitive in the head area. Do not clean the horse’s ears! Many horses are very sensitive on their ears and might spook and run you over. Make sure you stand next to the horse! Not in front of it!


Use the body brush to clean the horse’s legs and hoofs, make sure to not kneel down but crouch down next to the horse. Do not move under the horse, stand behind or in front of the horse’s legs. It might be helpful to make noises while you are doing this so the horse knows exactly where you are and won’t run you over or step on you accidentally.

Very clear' detailed and informative! I especially liked the hoof cleaning diagram and the safety information right where it belonged in the process. Thanks for a great 'ible.
This is fantastic. Lots of good tips :D

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