Groot LED Lamp Work in Progress


Introduction: Groot LED Lamp Work in Progress

Hello fellow makers,

Printers Unite is here with an original piece of work. A Groot lamp!

Check out my YouTube Channel for updates :)^

*3mm to 5mm LED's are to be placed along the right arm!

Step 1: Designing

This was the most complex model I have ever made!

This model took over 10 file exports from Meshmixer in order to get it to the right size.

It was originally designed on Sculptris and exported out...

I based this off my own memory at first and then I used photos from the Internt to determine different platings and shapes.

I tried to find a model that someone else had already done but everyone had only done bust models of Groot and not the whole scale.... so I modelled it myself.

Step 2: Plans for the Future...

in the near future, ie tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I will sort out an LED circuit which will illuminate his arm when switched on. This was my original plan but I haven't yet completed it but I'm close to.

I'm using soo many LED's, that I have to use the power from mains in order to power it, otherwise they won't light up bright enough!

Step 3: Want the Model for Yourself to 3D Print?

You can visit my Thingiverse page and find it there at;

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