I'm sharing this project with you as an instructable because it turned out very well. The situation was putting a kit storage shed in the back where I have sloping ground. There are also gophers or moles here (underground), which makes the dirt unpredictable.

The shed itself is a Keter Apex 8x6 (8 feet wide, 6 feet deep). It's a walk-in with floor structure included. Their set up instructions only called for "leveling the dirt" before assembling in place.

So this is about a BETTER ground pad. It's quite standard in construction but often misunderstood or made over-complex. The sloping ground only means that a retaining wall (RW for short) is needed. And if the RW is less than three feet tall, it's considered non-structural as a "garden wall" in most building codes that you can build any way you want. On the other hand, if your RW is three feet or taller, better call an engineer because special reinforcements may be necessary.

Relative Cost (remember this is only about the ground pad, not the shed):
Low to Average

DIY Manpower Needed:
Two strong men (or women! — but just to lift the heavy plate vibrator onto and off of transport)

Skill Level:

Special Tools Needed:
Zip Level or water level
Plate Vibrator

Step 1: Plan and Calculate

Here in my backyard, the slope is gradual but definitely something to consider. There's a long paved walk that comes down the side. I've planted some trees and shrubs there (beyond photo to the left), which helps take up groundwater. But along with clayey-rocky soil, drainage and erosion are always haunting issues. It's good to know where and how rainwater ultimately drains off your site. And have a comprehensive plan. This spot turns out to be an intermediary passage because there's further downslope (even more gradual) across the back.

First thing was calculating the height of the retaining wall. I located the corners of the future shed for a rough visual (in my head, of how it fits). Measure the lowest point with the ZipLevel. Then subtract the highest finish (future) grade at the upslope side. It helps to know (or plan for) the upslope side, too. I'm planning a low-walled raised planter there. So my tiny RW is primarily to protect the side of the shed rather than hold any surcharge of wet dirt.
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very nice, but why did you not make the whole pad out of cement?
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Looking for space for storage in Sydney is often very difficult. I love how simple your idea for a storage shed is. The best thing is that it doesn&rsquo;t look too shabby. When I saw your storage shed, I thought of all the things in my house that could go in there. Now I&rsquo;m itching to build that storage shed.
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nice how much is the shed
Nice job. <br>What is the purpose of the Retaining Wall?
Believe me, you DO NOT want the plastic walls of the shed holding up dirt!

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