How to Make Crepes for Chandeleur (Groundhog Day | Candelmas)





Introduction: How to Make Crepes for Chandeleur (Groundhog Day | Candelmas)

Today is the day of "chandeleur" groundhog day .
I propose an original french recipe, easy to do.

Step 1: All Ingredients

We usually call this recipe

4 glasses of milk (1 Liter)
3 eggs
2 glasses of wheat flour (400g of flour)
1 pinch of salt

25mL rum (use brown rum if you have, taste is better)
And 1 pinch of cinnamon

Step 2: Put the Flour in Jar

You can sift flour which will make it lighter

Step 3: Time of Eggs

Put in the jar 3 eggs with the flour

Step 4: 1st Cup of Milk

It is very important not begin to mix the dough before adding the first cup of milk if you have a grainy dough.

mix vigorously until have a smooth dough and without grainy. ( you can use whisk or whisk mixer, blender do lot of grainy)

Continue with each other cups

Step 5: Final Mix

add last cup of milk, salt, cinnamon and rum (25mL = 4 caps of rum's bottle)

mix again and let stand 1hour (you can let stand dough one night)

Step 6: Cooking

Heating up the stove over medium heat

Rub the stove with a bit of butter on a cloth

Made dough flowing into the stove

Cook 1 minute intervals until pancakes are off. The return

(According to tradition, it blew up pancakes)

Step 7: Tasting

You can add sugar, chocolate powder, jam.

Eat them



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    i'm french and i approuve this instructable, and it seem that is done in france, your eggs are not white, you're using " la baleine" salt and dillon rum.... and you're using grams and you power plugs seem to be in the european style. did i'm right ?

    You should probably change your title to something more descriptive of your instructable. For example "How to make crepes for Chandeleur (Candlemas / Groundhog Day). It took me until the middle of your instructable to figure out what you were actually making...

    2 replies

    right now

    Thanks - that helps! :-)

    French word for these is "crêpes" (plural) You can cook it one side, then return and put on it some cheese, ham, egg. The recipe may be changed a bit for these as it is a salty meal. Happy chandeleur everybody

    1 reply

    if you want try salty meal, replace flour by black wheat flour (sarrasin) . taste is better

    Never heard of these, but they look like pancakes, and boy, do they look delicious!
    Great job, I want some. :P