For irregular patching jobs, like this one in an exterior privacy wall, plastic window screen and grout can be a cheap, quick, and easy way to do them.  

This wall is made of nylon fishnet and cement.  Although only about 1/8 inch thick in many places, it has somehow managed to survive hurricanes.  You can probably credit that to its irregular shape, which includes a serpentine foundation line.   It is the nature of cement to shrink and crack, though.  When a banana plant and heavy raceme of bananas fell on it, the wall failed and a big chunk broke out of it.  

The patch, made of plastic window screen and grout is probably only about 1/16 inch thick.  We shall see how it holds up, but I am confident it will be around doing its job for many years to come. 

Step 1: The Hole

This is the hole.  I strung a few ropes through it, as best I could, to act as clotheslines to pin the screen material to.  

I used my trusty pressure sprayer to clean the area so that the grout would stick well.  Grout doesn't shrink, like cement does, so the crack problem should be reduced, or eliminated.  

I used a pressure sprayer to clean the wall before applying the grout.  
Interesting. ;)<br> <br> <u>Definition of Murphy's Law: </u><br> <br> A structure that can survive a hurricane, but gets damaged by bananas.
So true. =D <br> <br>&quot;The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle&quot; -- John Stapp, the guy who strapped himself onto an open rocket sled(think Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), to see what it was like.
That sounds like quite a ride. Wasn't there some guy that flew in a lawn chair with a bunch of helium balloons, too? I think he came down by popping a few balloons.
Here's a series of pictures taken during a 400 mph rocket sled ride.
Yes there was. He was fined quite a bit actually. Something about &quot;disrupting the airzone&quot;

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