Step 4: Covering the Screen

Covering the screen was also very simple -- I just brushed on more grout.    

Someday, if I want to make the colors match the wall I'll just paint it with colored cement.  For now though, I have other things to do.  Maybe someday I'll colorize the whole wall.    ( see:   https://www.instructables.com/id/Painting-with-Colored-Cement  )
Interesting. ;)<br> <br> <u>Definition of Murphy's Law: </u><br> <br> A structure that can survive a hurricane, but gets damaged by bananas.
So true. =D <br> <br>&quot;The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle&quot; -- John Stapp, the guy who strapped himself onto an open rocket sled(think Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), to see what it was like.
That sounds like quite a ride. Wasn't there some guy that flew in a lawn chair with a bunch of helium balloons, too? I think he came down by popping a few balloons.
Here's a series of pictures taken during a 400 mph rocket sled ride.
Yes there was. He was fined quite a bit actually. Something about &quot;disrupting the airzone&quot;

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