Grow Silver Crystals by Electrochemistry





Introduction: Grow Silver Crystals by Electrochemistry

In this video we grow crystals of pure silver metal by electochemistry.

The procedure is fairly simple. Just apply an electric current between a silver anode and an aluminum or silver metal cathode while they are immersed in silver nitrate solution. The silver ions from the anode will deposit on the cathode.

The crystals are microscopic so to see them the solution is placed under a microscope. A glass slide may be placed over the solution to keep the surface flat so you can see it better.

The crystals grow in different shapes depending on concentration and current applied.



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    Silver copper pipe results. Silver Oxide. Ag2O.


    SIlver(II) oxide plating with copper electrodes, copper pipes, zinc sulfate-lye-silver nitrate solution.


    cool vid,
    what are the chances of growing one or two large crystals by using a very low volatge over a long time (a week or something).

    also i have two random questions,

    i was try ing some different kinds of electrolsis,
    both had salt watere soutions
    one has a copper andode and copper cathode
    the other had a iorn anode and cathode

    with the copper i got yellow/brown particals that setled to to the bottom and a thin light blue layer formed

    with the the iron a very very dark particals (very small)

    my question is what did the electrolsis produse in both cases, and any chance of an equation for both of them??

    Hydrogen and Oxygen gas the rest is waste.

    not trying to be rude, but i know that much,
    i want to know the by products,

    you never know if they might be "useful"

    and they kind of make up 10% - 20 % of what left over

    think the copper is a mxture of copper oxide (I) and some thing

    the iorn one is a mixture of iorn oxide and something (some changed collour when it dried)

    i was just wondering what the stuff is ?

    Your right, I too have done this multiple times, The copper is copper oxide, with is obtained by having an over-potential such that the copper hydroxide is reduced to copper oxide. You can prevent the formation of these by using a buffer. the iron is most likely rust that has been oxidized a second time to make Iron (3/4) oxide. Iron 3 oxide is usually green though. try using a different acid to form your salts and you also need to buffer the solution with some kind of cation. I used acetic acid for awhile, but have found a mixture of boric acid and oxylic acid to be more effective. I also mix in a little ethylene-glycol to help balance the reaction as it progresses.

    the light blue layer may have been zinc buildup accelerated by the electrolysis and copper. just a guess though.

    I have the same problem. The salt one just isn't the same. Did you figure it out?

    could you grow enough to sell it? please reply