Step 4: Germination

Picture of Germination
Keep your trays moist and warm to speed germination. Loosely fit plastic wrap over the tops of the trays, to keep water in but still allow for air circulation. Light is not required to germinate seeds.

In anywhere from 3 to 15 days, you should start to see tiny seedlings emerge.

When your seedlings are up and the first 2 leaves (cotyledon leaves) start to open, you will need to put your seedlings under a light.

Use a cheap fluorescent shop light for your seedlings. I use 4' fixtures that take 2 bulbs each. You can use regular fluorescent tubes, or ones specially made for plants. I use GE "Plant & Aquarium" tubes in my fixtures.

It's very important to keep your seedlings within 4" of the lights, preferably closer. If you keep the light too far from the seedlings, they will get very "leggy" - tall and skinny - and might collapse.

Keep the seed starting mix moist but not soggy, and water whenever the surface becomes dry to the touch (but NOT completely dry).
Did you use grow lights and if you grow them inside do you need the lights on them the hole time there alive.I'm growing them inside droning winter.
Also, there's a hormone that plants have (and that we have artificially made in a lab) that stimulates root growth and production, so there's plenty of things to consider in the body chemistry and functions of plants and stuff like that.

What's up my fellow Marine (Tufflehounde).

No, do not keep the light on all the time, you can, but it's best to give plants a night, and a day, just like us humans and other living things.

It has to do with hormones. We heal better when we sleep at night, and our hormones are better rugulated.

Plants have a bunch of different hormones like humans and animals do. At night plants are also in their repair and rebuild mode like we are when we sleep.

I can get all technical with which hormones do what for us and for plants, but I won't.

basically they will have a larger growth hormone stimuli, and they with breath in alot more CO2 when the plants are having their 'Night Time'. Oohrah? Kill? Or Heal I should say. ;)))