Learn how to grow wheatgrass at home using household items. It is easy to grow and is full of great vitamins and minerals.

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Step 1: What You'll Need

> Wheatgrass seeds

> Soaking Bowl

> Peat moss

> Paper Towel

> Planting Medium

> Growing tray

> Spray bottle

> Scissors
I love this idea! Thanks for sharing.
I want to do this for my indoor cat & my 24 chickens!
Thanks for the instructable.. some very interesting projects you have going on there. I will go visit your website.
I have grown wheat grass for my cat and he loves to ignore it and chew on any plastic bags he can find. But enough about him; I've heard of putting it in a juicer, how else would I consume it? Can I eat it like a salad?
Hi- You can add it to a salad and eat it raw, but I have not done so personally. Give it a try! GAiL
This is good for indoor cats too I think
Wheatgrass is very good for cats. I thought I would give it to my cat as an alternative to eating my houseplants. He took one bite of the wheatgrass and then when back to his bad ol' ways.
You have to tell them not to eat it and put it someplace hard to get at.
Hi Scott - I just bought seeds from a nice lady on eBay. She said that it is great for both cats and humans too.
first cutting, and to a lesser degree, second cuttings, are good for people(and MUCH cheaper than those drink places that charge $7 for ground up GRASS) If you have ruminent pets(gunie pigs, goats, horses, Buffalo, etc.) you can even let them have 3rd cuttings. IF you plant outside, and can keep the rabbits from eating everything, you can get a 4th cutting late, late in the season. Let it grow long(18" or more) then, harvest, and dry it as hay. much of the nutrients will be gone, compared to first cuttings, but it still makes for a tastey snack, for the critters.
Gunie pigs love this stuff too. I grow it in old take-out containers. and got my "wheat berries" from a whole foods store. by the pound, instead of seed count, but i think it worked out about the same(but no shipping)
My dogs are always chowing down on the grass outside in the yard, and we ALL know what that does to the doggies! yuck... We have a whole food store down the street. I will check them out and see if they also have the wheat berries. Take-out trays are great! I believe in recycling "trash" for the garden whenever I possibly can. I have several plastic salad containers from the grocery store and will be using this for the wheatgrass. Thanks for your post!

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