Step 1: Gather the Materials

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A number of marine enthusiasts already grow phytoplankton at home for use in feeding various species of marine life. The method we'll use is rather similar.

To start, you need,

-A clear growing container (shallow containers with lots of surface area work best)
-Sea Salt
-A grow light and timer
-Micro Algae Grow
-A Starter Culture

Sea Salt: No, not from your pantry you gourmet fiend, you can get this at most pet or aquarium stores.

Grow Light: you can pick up a plant fluorescent and rack from walmart for ~$10.... Make sure you have a light timer.

Micro Algae grow: our most crucial ingredient. (besides the actual algae) There are a number of nutrient formulas people have experimented with, and truthfully, I've only had mixed results with this one. Experiment with what works best. 

A Starter Culture: These can be obtained from a few places online. I recommend www.empco.org/edu

davej66945 years ago
sunnyside isn't picking up the phone and empco's phone goes straight to message machine is there any other place to buy this stuff?
mlocke5 years ago
"Empco EDU is currently closed for summer recess. We will reopen in September 2010."
Actually, as anyone who grows aquatic plants will tell you, aerating water, along with any surface movement actually drives off CO2. However, you can diy CO2 injection with some yeast and sugar water in a 2 liter bottle with some airline tubing and a ceramic or lime wood air stone (a slice of a chopstick shoved into the hose works pretty well too; small bubbles dissolve better than the larger ones created by those cheap compressed/glued sand air stones).
BladeMastR6 years ago

they describe the isolation of an other kind of bacteria from fresh herrings. however, its german.
tobaissi6 years ago
where else can i buy the culture because sunnyside sea farms isnt picking up the phone...
Majafero6 years ago
this is awesome!!! it also looks pretty cheap, how much is it???
Mr E Man6 years ago
Has anyone tried these in a salty hydroponic solution, my hydroponics had lots of green non glowing algae before i painted my hydroponics... Would it live longer?